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Harrier maintains an intense focus on producing high quality products as well as delivering a range of services and solutions that support and compliment all our business activities and customer relationships. We pride ourselves on going further than our competitors.

We believe it is the combination of services we offer to our customers that make us a world class organisation.

Our areas of expertise are split into manufacturing, account management, logistics, IT, quality and research & development divisions and each is managed by outstanding individuals with specialist knowledge and experience ensuring their team adds value to our sales proposition to potential customers.

Any customer embarking on a relationship with Harrier's specialist photo or commercial production can rest assured that our dedicated service teams are tasked with making the journey as comfortable and fruitful as possible.

Harrier personlaised print
Harrier production meeting
Harrier logistics


Our comprehensive manufacturing facilities are designed to service the mass market for personalised consumer products and combine state-of-the-art production and finishing equipment with a highly skilled workforce. Operating 24/7 we have a truly impressive manufacturing capability with the capacity to print over 3m 6x4" photo prints and 1m A4 pages in full colour every 24 hours.

Resilience and efficiency are key factors throughout our manufacturing processes. We take an iterative approach and are exploring the opportunity to fully automate more of our processes. We are working towards ISO 14001 accreditation.


With our volume and scale comes special relationships with our logistics service providers who understand the needs of our brands and how important delivery on time is to our commitment.

We are integrated with all the major mail carriers and have the resources to build and integrate with others as required. The business rules built into our batching process and a suite of monitoring tools, ensure that all orders are appropriately prioritised and despatched according to their pre-agreed SLAs.

Account Management

We have a dedicated team of account managers who work closely with our clients from initial project briefing and on-boarding through to 'go live' and beyond. Having experience in the high street, online service providers and App environment markets allows us to provide on-going strategic and promotional support thereby enabling brands to plan their product strategies with confidence and ultimately help them develop and grow.

We understand the difficulties involved in working with multiple partners and will collaborate with other partners to ensure that a customer’s journey is a seamless transaction from start to finish.

We provide daily, weekly and monthly reports detailing agreed KPIs, performance to SLAs, items fulfilled, trend analysis and promotional response levels.

We offer volume based transparent pricing for product and shipping services with the option to discuss promotional support as required.

Harrier Account Management
Harrier servers
Our IT systems are particularly focussed on resilience and redundancy. Our external connectivity is provided by four Internet Service Providers utilising two separate cable networks.

Information Technology

Harrier offers extensive data integration capabilities with a strong IT team combining market leading infrastructure, server hardware, software systems and facilities with additional bespoke software applications to provide state of the art order handling, automated workflow, production process control and logistics.

Order receipt and order progress notification processes are integrated with all the major software vendors in the photo gifts market and we are able to build additional plugins for further integration with additional vendors using our specialist software development team.

Orders are received, checked, recorded, rendered, batched, and processed into print ready files through fully automated processes, 24 hours a day. We monitor orders through our production workflow and despatch each one based on their individually calculated carrier according to their size, weight, and destination.

All servers, network devices, internet connections and core processes are monitored for a wide range of critical errors and any early indications of potential problems will alert staff immediately including further alerts for environmental conditions such as power, heat, humidity, and flood.

We are working towards ISO27001 accreditation.

Harrier quality control
Harrier innovation


Every item that comes through our facility is unique and special to the end user and it is our priority to provide them with a high quality personalised product. Our aim is to produce exceptionally high quality products with the associated support services to match your brand. From the base materials we use through to the final product dispatched to your customer, we have an unrelenting focus on quality. Our materials are ethically and sustainably sourced and conform to strict quality standards.

Our state of the art equipment is regularly checked and calibrated and our packaging is checked and tested for purpose. We strive to use minimum levels of packaging whilst offering maximum protection.

Product & Innovation

Our product and innovation team work hard to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition. Whether it is developing new products, improving existing ones or creating new markets we work closely with our partners in order to achieve optimum product standards to deliver to the end consumer. Using a structured critical path, we can deliver our products in a timely and efficient manner making sure they meet the stringent standards set by the market.